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One of the essential contacts to have on hand is a plumber in Bondi. Unfortunately, you can’t prepare for plumbing problems. They occur as freak accidents or when materials wear out over time. Instead of attempting to fix your plumbing as a DIY project, it’s wiser to hire a reputable plumber with extensive experience and knowledge in the trade.

The majority of our lives involves water. We need an operational tap to drink water from and a functional shower to maintain our daily cleansing routine. There are other essential uses, such as a washing machine, a dishwasher, and washing the car. Due to the pipes and taps being in constant use, wear and tear is rapid and could result in a leak at any time. The worst-case scenario is hearing the water drip late at night and realising there is a leak. These are some of the signs you see around your property that mean you should call in the professionals.

  • The most common plumbing problem has to be the clogging of the drain. If you’re having a shower and find the water isn’t going down as quick as you would prefer or if there’s a build-up when washing dishes, those are sure signs that something is lodged in the pipes. Instead of bringing out the old wire hanger to resolve the issue, call in a reliable plumber. A professional would have a tool called an auger to remove the clog and allow the water to flow freely. 

  • Bursting pipes are a problem that usually occurs in winter months when the water inside the pipes freezes. If this isn’t attended to immediately, it could lead to significant damage which is why hiring a plumber is crucial. An experienced plumber can determine which pipes are under abnormal pressure in any location on your property. 

  • Nothing beats a hot shower on a cold day; however, being surprised with cold water isn’t ideal. If the water from your shower isn’t heating up, there’s probably an issue with your water heater. A plumber has to investigate to determine if you require a new heater or just repairs. The components of the heater usually deal with electricity or gas; hence it’s wise to allow the professionals a crack at the job.


There is some plumbing work that you can tackle as a DIY project. These include updating fixtures and basic repairs which don’t require extensive knowledge and physicality. It becomes tricky if you aren’t aware of the differences between the pipes and fittings. This situation is usually where homeowners get it wrong. Avoid these mistakes when faced with a plumbing problem. 


  • To the common man, tightening fixtures seems like a simple task. The understanding is that the tighter the component is, the safer and better the fixture. However, this isn’t the case with plumbing. Excessive tightening of supply tubes, pipes and fittings lead to the formation of little cracks. Although it may not be visible immediately, over time, it will deteriorate and eventually break. 

  • A blocked drain is a common household issue. Washing dishes usually leads to little food particles or even fat attaching itself to the pipes. After a while, it completely blocks the flow of water causing it to build up on the surface of the sink. Homeowners then get creative and decide to stick a wire down the pipe. While it may seem like a good idea, it causes more damage by pushing the blockage further down the pipe to an unreachable spot. On occasions, the wire could get stuck, resulting in a more significant issue. 

  • Once you’ve decided to hire a professional plumber, you must follow up with research. The mistake people make is they settle for the first contractor they find. Always investigate the company you want to do your work. Check their credentials to determine if they’re certified and insured.

In our years of experience, we’ve found that blocked drains are a regular occurrence in residential and business properties. As part of our service, we are trained to conduct commercial plumbing in Bondi as well. However, we do offer a wide range of services. 


  • Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your bathroom, we’re the plumbers to call. We are trained and skilled in setting up your piping for a new building and installing new hardware. We’ll also handle the renovation of your bathroom, guiding you along the way in terms of plumbing parts and ideas. 

  • Scheduled maintenance can protect you and your home from accidents. Because your pipes are in use regularly, it’s wise to have it inspected by professionals on an annual basis at the very least. We’ll pick up any irregularities and report them to you. Fixing those minor issues prevent them from escalating and becoming massive problems. 

  • When a problem springs upon you and you require an emergency plumber in Bondi, you can depend on our professional team. Whether you have burst or frozen pipes, we have the necessary skills and tools to find the problem and repair it immediately. Furthermore, we’re able to assist with gas fittings to ensure smooth operation and prevent damage.


About Brownie’s Plumbing Services

After working as a plumber, our Director, Ryan Brown, decided to pursue his passion on his own. This decision led to the creation of our operation five years ago. Although fairly new as a business, our dedication to creating safe and reliable plumbing solutions for Australians in Sydney and surrounding areas has turned us into a preferred plumbing service. 


All our staff are experienced and highly trained in the industry. We depend on honesty and high-quality workmanship to deliver complete projects on time. Whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, if you need assistance with plumbing, make sure you contact the reputable Bondi Plumber. 

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